For this body of work I drew Inspiration from Julia Kristeva’s essay Powers of Horror. In this essay she wrote about the term abjection, which means, the state of being cast off. Kristeva herself describes abjection as a ‘refuse and corpses show me what I permanently thrust aside in order to live’. I aimed to showcase work that explores themes which  threaten our sense of cleanliness, especially in reference to the body and bodily functions

In particular I was interested in exploring the way the female bodily functions are abjected by a patriarchal society. I drew upon examples of advertisements to exhibit some ways women are encouraged to can make themselves, hairless, odorless and over all smooth and pristine, when in reality, all bodies smell and ooze to some degree. Yet our social order tells women they should avoid these inherent bodily functions. I wanted to draw parallels between the oozing and melting of food and our own bodily functions.