Architectural Digest: Ceramist Jen Dwyer Uses 18th-Century Decorative Arts to Create Feminist Work That Challenges Artistic Hierarchies

Like many American women, ceramist Jen Dwyer felt a seismic shift in November 2016. "I have a double degree in ceramics and ecology, and until then I was doing work inspired by ecology," the artist tells AD PRO. "But then I started thinking about our current political situation—gender politics were so apparent and it felt like we were regressing." Dwyer was turned off by the thought of creating wholly reactionary work; instead, she decided to shift her focus and explore notions of femininity throughout history, turning these on their heads through historic references informed by decorative arts. "I messed around with these ideas but I wanted to do something with more longevity. So, rather than do something that was a direct response to our president, I wanted to create something that was a more encompassing body of work," explains the artist, who is currently enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Notre Dame. The culmination of her work over these past two years is now on display at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gallery Lucas Lucas in "Not For You, Bunny," a seductive, richly layered show of Dwyer's beguiling ceramics, co-curated by Nathalie Levey and Stacie Lucas, which opened last night.