Flaunt Magazine Review: Not For You Bunny

Jen Dwyer is a rising ceramic sculptor focusing on gender politics post-2016 election. In questioning corrupt hierarchies, Jen has created a range of porcelain mirrors, candelabras, and diversified vessels in her debut solo exhibition, “Not For You, Bunny.” In the Brooklyn gallery, Lucas Lucas, Dwyer presents her feminist-focused art infused with both vulnerability and humor to shed light on politics that reflect gender-discriminatory issues. The fuse of iconology, surrealism, and contemporary gender themes is evident throughout the exhibition, especially with Ring-Pop candlesticks, rose “brass” knuckles, finger crowns, vagina incense burners, and so on. With overarching themes and striking symbolism, Jen reflects: 

“As a culture, our associations with power are limited, I hope to broaden them by gathering imagery across cultural lines and histories that explore the subjugation of the female body and create decorative quasi-functional sculptures that offer a remixed interpretation of utopia.”

Source: http://www.flaunt.com/content/lucas-lucas-...