Bullett Magazine: Jen Dwyer Tackles Trumpian Escapism with Abstract Ceramics (and La Croix)

We write about Trump a lot—I’ve probably said his name 20 times today alone. But is it political engagement that keeps me reporting on every new art show that seeks to mock him? Or is it me just trying to cope? These are the questions ceramicist Jen Dwyer asks in her new series, Blind Spot. A pastel set of abstract cacti and Willendorf Venuses modernized by extra-large iPhones and coconut La Croix, the series tackles millennial escapism through technology and food. With her porcelain figures, Dwyer examines her own familiar response to the current cultural climate—a never-ending desire to log on and tune out. The 29-year-old explores these feelings of apathy and denial through surrealist sculptures that channel our collective doubt. And did we mention that they’re really cute?

BULLETT caught up with the artist to talk Instagram and indulgence. View the exclusive series, above.