Howl Magazine: Jen Dwyer Representing Sexual Subjugation Through Sculpture

“Our current political and social climate is arguably the most divisive, chaotic, and turbulent period that anyone of my generation or younger has ever experienced in this country. With the recent election, it's impossible to turn on the news, open a social media app or even listen to podcast without hearing strong discourse” Artist Jen Dwyer shares with us, “Having always been interested in women’s bodies- this election, once again, made it apparent how women’s stories of sexual subjugation are socially minimized and repressed as taboo. I also do think there are interesting parallels that can be drawn between this time and other art movements in the past– one example is comparing now to the middle of last century during the Fluxus movement in the 60s, those artists responded to modernized culture that was becoming increasingly more restrictive.” She continues. “These Artists sought to challenge what was considered ‘normal’ in a time when specifically suburban culture of the developed world was tightening up. Perhaps a similar movement will or has already started in response to recent events of our election and political hemisphere.”

Artist: Jen Dwyer

Age: 28

Born in: San Francisco, CA